Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We got a building!

After spending some time scouring our work area, we found a building.  It is in a good location on a main street and is two stories.  It does have a bathroom, which is a step up from our church in Wolf Creek.  We will use the main level floor for our services and the upstairs for offices and a Sunday school room.  I think we can stuff about 50 people in the congregation but if God grows the church more than that then we will search for another place. 

Wehrner, our Peruvian pastor, will not arrive to Cusco with his family until March, so we will probably not start services until the summer or fall, God willing.  We sign the contract tomorrow and get the keys!  The one little quirk to this building is that there is a Karaoke bar hooked onto it, which means after 8pm, it is probably too loud to be at church.  We are hoping they will go our of business or that the people will get saved.  There was talk of standing at their front door and giving out tracts as the people enter.  This may be a downfall but it is better than the last building that included a man that lived in the church.  We are very excited about this and we thank God for it.  We will begin cleaning, painting and building the offices right away and when we buy the printer, we will begin printing and storing 1000's of books and tracts which will be ready for the time Wehrner arrives. 

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Ronny Fallas said...

¡Gracias sean dadas a Dios!