Monday, October 1, 2012

Printing Operation

Lately Tim, Joe and I have been spending time in the area where we will start the church in March. We have been getting to know the area and looking for a building to rent. We thought we found a perfect building which was an old chicken restaurant in a great location. One of the catches was that the owners lived on the second floor and would have to always go through the church to get to their apartment. Another catch was that there was a guy living in the back of the church who apparently came with the property. We are still searching for either an office to rent temporarily, so that we can work out of it until God builds the church, or a building that would serve as the church and office.

Hopefully our operation will be a little more modern than this
Another new development is that we are going to start up a printing operation, thanks to the help of our friend Josef Urban in Mexico who is guiding us through the process and to God, who always supplies our needs to accomplish His plans.  The printing operation will print books and tracts in Spanish from the old guys, like Jonathan Edwards, Spurgeon, Muller and many others.  You can see a small list here.

God has already provided the means to get the printer and the printing supplies. We had one of our supporting churches call us and say they wanted to give some money to a project. They did not know about this project or that I had been working on it for weeks before. God knew and He raised up the money needed to buy the big printer and supplies for the whole operation. God always knows our needs before we ask and He always provides them according to His will. With this printing operation we should be able to distribute 1000's of books and tracts.

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