Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The plan is unleashed

The plan is unleashed.  Our Peruvian pastor Wehrner Pancorbo is with us in Cusco this week.  We meet and discussed our plan when he arrives with his family in March.  He has quite an intensive plan for evangelism.  The initial plan is to do heavy evangelism in 4 districts of the city. After spending the morning in prayer and our studies together, we will hit the streets.  We will spend 4-5 hours each day witnessing one on one, visiting homes and preaching in the open air at the markets. The church in Barranco, Lima is going to send up some evangelists to assist us and do a lot of open-air preaching.  We are praying that God will raise up His sheep in each district so that we can start a bible study. Each of us, Wehrner, Joe, Tim and I will lead the bible study in a district. After the groups are strong and ready to unite, we will bring everyone together into the building and start having services. Our idea is that we have groups of people in each district that will be able to evangelize the people in their districts. I do have a feeling that our building is already way to small.  Between our four families we already have 23 people so if each bible has 10 people then there will be a line out the door of our little church but this will be a good problem to have. This is the plan but everything can change and we do realize that nothing will happen unless the Spirit of God awakens people from the dead. We have no ability or strategy that can accomplish anything real so our dependence is only and totally on God to raise up His church in Cusco.

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