Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Iglesia Bautista Reformada

So the other day I found and contacted one of the elders at the only Reformed Baptist Church in Costa Rica.  We talked for a while and then tonight he came all the way out to where we live on the other side of San José to pick up Tim, Joe and I and take us to their church prayer meeting.  It was so outstanding.  The elders and those that gathered for the prayer meeting were the most kind, humble and gracious people.  They went out of their way to welcome us and they prayed for us.  They have a love for biblical theology and the application of it is reflected in their love for Christ and their diligent pursuit after Him.  Their lives and actions actually reflect their beliefs.  It was so refreshing to find this body of believers.  They are helping us find transportation to their each Sunday, which is difficult because we have large families and live far away, but if we can find the transportation we will make the 45 minute trip each Sunday to get involved in an outstanding biblical church. 

The rather shocking news is that in a country of almost 5 million people there is only 1 Reformed Baptist Church in the entire country and this is it.  They have a goal to plant a Reformed Baptist church in each province in Costa Rica, which there are 7 but they do not have the laborers to even begin to move forward.  Where are the missionaries?  Huge opportunities for those who are willing to uproot themselves from the American Dream and live for Christ.  Check them out. 

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Jordan Hall said...

Praise God there's one! They will be in my prayers. Should I happen to make it there, I would like to meet them. What took you so long to find them?