Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few pictures of our barrio

I thought I would share some pictures of the places that we visit on a regular basis to give you a visual on our daily life in Costa Rica.

This is a typical route that we take from our house.  The sidewalks are always broken and torn up and there are usually many gringo traps to avoid.

Gringo trap
This is a typical gringo trap, which is an open sewer hole that ranges from 3 to 7 feet in depth.  Not a good thing to fall into one when running from a car.

Killillay at the Feria
This the big market (Feria) by the bull fighting arena that we buy all of our fruit and vegetables from.  Lately we have been buying everything at a smaller Feria closer to our house but they are basically offer the same thing but the big one is more competitive.  Although food at the Feria is pretty cheap.  I bought a pineapple today for 80 cents.

Lavacar good
So this is the chicken place by our house that we buy chickens from frequently.  It is funny because the place is called "Lava car chiken."  This is a car wash/chicken roaster.  The place is a little hole in the wall but they try to attract gringo's like us by putting their sign in English but they spelled chicken wrong and the fact that it is a car wash as well doesn't help business.  We, however, love the place and they make a great fire roasted chicken.

Our mini "whitehorse inn"
This is the little soda, which is a little neighborhood restaurant that sells casados, that we meet in daily during our break to write our doctrinal statement and other church documents for our future Peruvian church plants.  We have spent many hours drinking coffee and discussing the finer points of doctrine, and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.


This is a typical casado, which is the staple food for Costa Ricans.  It is sold at all the sodas and typically consists of rice, beans, fried plantains, bread and a meat.  They are filling and pretty cheap.  (about $3-4)

Our bread store
This is the bread store that is a few hundred feet from our house.  We buy great bread here all the time.  It is open 24 hours a day for some reason so we always get bread right out of the oven.  They also make the best cinnamon rolls which come out of the oven at exactly 4pm.  Raegan seems to like the giant doughnuts that they make which are the size of her face.

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