Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Facing Resistance in the Jungle

Please pray for our work in the jungle. We are going on May 23rd to June 3 but problems arose. The village we teach at is about 120 people with only 12 or so believers. The unbelievers don't want us there.
The village Chembo is in an uproar about us coming. The unbelievers rose up against us and the jefe is refusing to allow us gringos in the village. Miguel, the Peruvian we work with in Satipo, is searching for a place to preach in Atalaya, which is a nearby jungle town. Miguel and his father in law have to go to the other 7 villages and invite the people to come to Atalaya but Chembo is against us and they are telling everyone not to go. The devil's schemes to stop the Gospel from penetrating the Amazon.


A Lui said...

We will pray for God's will to be done.

The Luis'

Scott Doherty said...

Thanks Alex

Anonymous said...

hnos, me gustaría saber porque parte de la selva están trabajando, hay por lo menos 3 lugares con el nombre de Atalaya, tengo una hermana que vive en Atalaya pueblo a las orillas del río carbon frontera con el departamento de Madre de Dios.

Scott Doherty said...

Es verdad que son 3 Atalayas pero esta ciudad de Atalaya está cerca de Satipo en el centro del Perú. Está donde el río Tambo y el rió Urubamba reunir.