Monday, April 15, 2013

Introduction to a Peruvian Birthday

I must tell you what a birthday party is like in Peru.  We just returned from Pastor Wehrner's 8 year old twin boys birthday party.  We received the invitation on Saturday which said the party was from 5 to 7.  First I must tell you that any kind of Peruvian schedule is always in a secret code that you have to decipher.  For example when you read that the party is from 5 to 7pm it really means the party will start anywhere from 5:30-6 and it will end around 8:30.  We were there at 5:30 because we are catching on to the code but we were one of the first people there.  At about 6pm most of the people had arrived.  There were about 45 people crammed into a small living room.  Everyone had a chair to sit in, which was important because of the events that unfolded.   The party went as follows:

  1. The party host, Lupe, started things off by belting out a few songs and then brought the kids with gestures.  They sang multiple songs for 15 minutes.
  2. Prayer
  3. Time for the first snack.  Everyone is served.  They would never do a buffet style because the Peruvians are very hospitable and like to serve.  So everyone was served a snack.
  4. Another round of songs with the kids.
  5. Time for the second snack.
  6. Played a game with everyone.
  7. Time for another snack
  8. Played another came which involved a balloon being passed around while music played.  If you had the balloon when the music stopped then you were punished.  The punishment was usually an embarrassing game or something funny you had to do.
  9. Prayer
  10. Chicha morada, which is a drink made from purple corn, was served for the drink.
  11. More songs and games.
  12. Sandwiches were now passed out.
  13. Kids sang, ate and removed the balloons from the wall and began beating each other.
  14. The floor was now covered in food and spilled drink which gave the kids opportunity to slide across the floor, which they did.
  15. More games and singing.
  16. Wehrner takes the opportunity to preach to the 45 people and exhort all the parents in raising their kids in the way of the Lord.
  17. The twins now where brought forward and each got to pick a person out of the crowd and make them do somethings.  The first twin picked Tim Killillay and made him sing a song.  The second picked Chase and he also had to sing a song.
  18. More games.
  19. Dinner is now served to each person.  Chicken, a potato, and a beet salad.
  20. More chica morada is served.
  21. Time for the cake.  The lights go out and everyone gathers around the cake.  Two big candles are lit and blown out by the twins and then two giant roman candles are lit.  I'm sure these fireworks are illegal in every State in the US.  The candles shot flames and sparks 3 feet in the air. We were slightly worried the house would catch fire but it never.
  22. More games.
  23. Cake is served.
  24. More chica morada
  25. Gift bags were now given to all the kids at the party.
  26. Almost everyone balloon was popped.
  27. Party finally ended.


jasa pembuatan website said...

Your blog so inspiring for me. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

The Surge said...

"12. Sandwiches were now passed out."

Brother Scott, did you mean to say that the sandwiches got a hangover so early?!

Scott Doherty said...

That sentence would definetly not translate well in Spainish. lol