Sunday, April 28, 2013

Return to the Jungle

I seek your prayers for the month of May because we have a lot going on. I have the privilege to preach to our church on May 19th and then I preach in the mountain town of Jauja on the 23rd, the jungle town of Satipo on the 24th and then in the village of Chembo, deep in the jungle, on the 28th. It is a tremendous amount of work to prepare, write, translate and preach sermons in Spanish, at least for me at this point in time. Hopefully after I'm fluent, this will be easier. I really need the unction and power of the Holy Spirit.  Tim, Joe and I leave for the trip into the jungle on May 23rd and we return to Cuzco on June 2nd. We are meeting Scott Dollar and his translator, Adin in the mountain town of Jauja.  Scott Dollar will be preaching in Satipo and will be teaching all day, everyday in Chembo.  Joe, Tim and I will preach in the evenings.  We have all our permissions from the jefe and the tribe is expecting us. Please pray.  For those who have not seen our last trip to the jungle and what we are to expect this time, here is the VIDEO


Scott Dollar said...

looking forward to it...gloria a dios
and i hope my patns dont get wet

Scott Doherty said...

It is not the rainy season anymore so our pants should be fine but who knows what other excuses we may hear.