Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Hindrance

It seems that whenever we take a step forward in advancing the Kingdom of Christ, we face resistance.  We are so excited to have started the church and that we have family coming to visit and a HeartCry conference in Lima coming up soon but now we have visas to deal with.  The Peruvian government changes it's laws almost daily and now they passed a new law on January 18th that is already affecting us.  Our kid's visas expire on February 12 and if they don't have their Peruvian carnets by the 12 then we will be forced to leave the country and start the process all over.  This would cost our family, the Killillay's and the Martinez family a tremendous amount of money and time.  Right now our kid's are in process but the daily changing laws are causing a lot of problems and have delayed the process considerably.  Time is running out so I ask that you please pray for this situation.  God is sovereign over all governments and laws so we are confident that He will keep us here as long as has been ordained.  Please pray.


Koplin Familia said...

I remember those days and they were not fun but rest assured, God is in control. Ask Eddy to tell you guys our story when he visits, God truly had to work our paperwork out and in the end (after many frustrations) He did so perfectly! God bless you guys and we will pray for you.

Scott Doherty said...

Thanks guys, I will have Eddy tell my your story. Thanks for the encouragment. We are trusting in God. It is nice when you have no other options