Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Gathering of the Core - It Begins

Wehrner, our Peruvian Pastor and partner, arrived on Thursday with his family and a girl named Alejandra that will be staying with them and helping us with the Church.  Wehrner was ready to go so we had our first gathering on Sunday morning.  We have a great core group to start the church, 23 people between our families, Alejandra and Wehrner's mom.  We prayed, sang, and Wehrner preached.  We went out to eat together after to continue the fellowship.  Although the language barrier is still there, we really enjoyed the fellowship, preaching and singing. 

Wehrner came up with the name of our church to be, "Iglesia Cristiana de Gracia" and we were all in agreement.  We will start our heavy evangelism plan in February since we have a lot of work to do printing tracts, books and many other things.  Our web site is almost finished but is still in the process.  You can get a sneak preview here:

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