Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are you really a Christian? Here is the evidence

With so many people all over the United States and Latin America professing to be Christians, I thought these evidences may show you if you truly belong to Christ.  After all, proclaiming that you know Christ will not get you into Heaven (Matthew 7:21).  But when Christ claims to know you and when Christ claims that you belong to Him, then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

So the question is, "Is there a way that I can know if I really am a Christian?"  Here are 15 evidences of the work of salvation in your life.  There are so many more but just look at these for now.  If you lack any one of these evidences, you have a reason to be concerned.

Evidence of the work of salvation in a life
  1. They have been awakened to a solemn concern for their soul.
  2. They have had convictions of their sinful and perishing state.
  3. They have had the appearance of being brought to a sense of their misery.
  4. They have had a sense of their inability to change themselves.
  5. They engage their attention to divine truths.
  6. They have a deep concern for an interest in Christ.
  7. They appear to be comforted by the Word of God.
  8. They have a change in their behavior.
  9. They have an increasingly tender conscience.
  10. They have new desires and motivations.
  11. They have a solemn concern for the souls of other people.
  12. They are horrified when they see their sin and long to destroy it in their life.\
  13. They handle hard times and trials much differently, with a growing peace and trust in God.
  14. They desire to be with the people of God.
  15. They are deeply pained when Christ is dishonored.


Unknown said...

Good stuff Scott. I walk people through the Beatitudes who are concerned or pridefully proclaiming they are saved but showing to be not.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I am translating and adapting this post to publish it in my blog. OK? Thanks.

Scott Doherty said...

Yep, that is great. Thanks brother. You never need to ask me to use anything on my blog. Feel free to use anything.