Sunday, August 12, 2012

We made it!

So after 359 days, we finally arrived in Peru permanently.  God is so good and everything went far better that we could have hoped.  God used your prayers to acomplish His will.  Glory to Him.  Here is a list of what has been complete and what still needs to be prayed for.

  1. Yes          Arrive at airport on time with our mountain of luggage.
  2. Yes          Check all luggage and not have to pay more on excess baggage. (they showed mercy)
  3. Yes          Make it through security with all our stuff.  (confiscated duct tape, matches & knife)
  4. Yes          Don't get our carry-on baggage weighed, which was so far over the limit.
  5. Yes          Get through second security point.  (almost lost rope and knitting needles)
  6. Yes          Safe flight to Lima
  7. Yes          Get passports stamped for 180 days.
  8. Yes          Make it through immigration with no problems.
  9. Yes          Pick up all luggage with none lost.
  10. Yes          Make it through customs without being taxed.
  11. Yes          Hire a van to take us to the apartment we rented for a week.
  12. Yes          Find the apartment and get settled.
  13. Pray         Contact guy that is helping us get visas
  14. Pray         Safety while traveling around Lima (10 million people)
  15. Pray         Sign contract for Cusco apartment and pay for it.
  16. Pray         Successfully start visa paper work within our allotted week in Lima.
  17. Pray         Meet with our Peruvian brothers in Lima
  18. Pray         Get a ride with all stuff to Airport.
  19. Pray         Once again, check all luggage without being overweight.
  20. Pray         Don't have carry-on baggage weighed.  They give you 22lbs but Kim had 80lbs.
  21. Pray         Fly safe to Cusco.
  22. Pray         Collect all luggage.
  23. Pray         Transport to apartment and begin settling.
Please pray for Killillay's because they had a rough time in customs.  Don't know all the details yet.


Tom Dyman said...

Praise God

Anonymous said...

Scott, I keep praying for you all! and the church here is praying as well.

Scott Doherty said...

Yes, Mr. Dyman, Praise God! He continues to show us His mercy and grace for more than we could imagine.

Thanks Alex, We are so thankful to God for friends like you and for the praying saints at the church. Gracias hermano por todo.