Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heading toward the end of the earth

Once again we are being sent off.  Another country, another culture, another language, and more times of testing and purging.  We leave tomorrow morning and should arrive in Lima at about 4pm.  We desperately beg for all the prayers that the saints of God can offer up to Him who is merciful and mighty. 

Yesterday, Kim and I graduated from language school.  It was a great ceremony and the close of another season of our lives.  I wonder what God has in His perfect plan for all the missionaries that are leaving.  Some will have productive, glorifying ministries while others will return to the States whole others will be martyred.  It has been hard once again saying goodbye to our dear brothers and sisters in Christ that are now a new part of our life.  But we must go to another land to proclaim the gospel.  We must press forward and finish the race.

Packing up our entire life in 13 suitcase once again, has been interesting.  We long to be settled.  Just think how difficult it can be to move within your own town, or across the State, or to another State, or across the United States.  Well when you move everything to two countries and are limited by the airline baggage regulations, it is a challenge to say the least.  Please pray that our luggage all gets to Lima and Cusco on time.
Another prayer request when we enter the country we need to have our passports stamped with a 183 day visa in order to have enough time to complete the resident visa process.  They won't give you this without a reason so we must talk them into it.  If they don't give it to us that means we will have to leave the country when our tourist visa runs out.  This will cost us thousands.  Please pray that we will find favor with the officials.   Also pray for us to be able to get our visa process started within the week we are planning on being in Lima.  If it is delayed, which is possible with Latin American red tape, then we will have to stay longer in Lima, which will be costly. 

Please also pray for our safety as we have a lot of traveling to do and especially while getting around in Lima.  Please pray for the Killillay and Martinez families to be able to find an apartment to rent.  Mostly please pray that we will hold fast to our faith, cling to Christ, depend on Him, and find our contentment, joy and peace in Him and not the circumstances we will face.

Here is a recap on the prayer requests:
  1. No problems at the airport with luggage and that it all arrives.
  2. 183 day visa stamp at immigration tomorrow.
  3. Resident visa process will be started in our week in Lima with no delays.
  4. Safety in travel and protection in Lima.
  5. Find our contentment and peace in Christ and not the stressful circumstances.
  6. The spiritual battle that is already upon us.  Pray for unity, grace, and peace.
Thank you so much for praying.  Your the means that God will use to advance the Kingdom of Christ in Peru.  Your intercessory prayers are the means that God will use to get us rooted in Cusco to do the work that God has prepared.  Thank you for holding the rope.  May the Lamb receive the reward for His suffering.


Timothy Kerttula (TJ) said...

Bro I'm praying for you and your family. Keep pressing on and keep looking to Him to provide for everything. :)- tj

Scott Doherty said...

Thanks for the prayers and encouragment brother. Press on

Anonymous said...

I don't know you and Kim but get this information through Sheryl Rozeboom. I certainly will keep you in my prayers and we know that no matter where we are God will never leave or forsake us. Marvin Boelman from Aplington, Iowa. I went to college with Norm VanManen who evidently knows Norm from Sully, Iowa days.