Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another update from Lima, Peru

We strolled through the city of Lima as fast as the 1972 taxi cab could manage.  I think the owner, who always had a huge smile on his face, bought this cab new.  Nothing worked in the cab but the engine.  The gas gauge, speedometer, blinkers, and all the gauges did not work.  It was so beat up that other cars were afraid to hit it.  This was a old veteran cab driver trick.  He pulled out into traffic as he pleased while very fancy cars almost ran off the road trying to avoid him.  Tio just kept smiling.  He was a good man.  He was my Peruvian friends uncle and he gave us a good deal.  He waited for 5 hours when we were signing a contract that should have took 5 minutes.  He spent the whole day with us for $20.  I wish I could show you a picture of this set up but I can't figure out how to get the picture off my phone.

Well, it looks like we will be staying in Lima until Wednesday the 22nd.  We met with our lawyer and we are getting our paper work ready to start the process.  We had to get copies and things notarized and he will go to immigration on Monday to present our documents.  Pray they will accept them.  If they say yes, then we go to interpool to get our fingerprints registered in the Peruvian system and then on Wednesday we can fly to Cusco.

Because we only get one free suitcase on the flight to Cusco we must pay for many extras and it will cost a lot.  I think we are going to ship our luggage by truck to Cusco.  This seems a little sketchy since basically everything we own in the world is in those few boxes but others have told me it is reliable.  Pray that our stuff makes it.  We will probably ship it on Tuesday. 

I have been running around all day trying to complete all the many tasks that need to be done.  Kim and the kids have been holding down the fort at the apartment we rented.  They have managed to escape every now and again and go for a walk or buy food for dinner.  All is going well here for us.  God is so good.

Here is an updated checklist:

  1. Yes Arrive at airport on time with our mountain of luggage.
  2. Yes Check all luggage and not have to pay more on excess baggage. (they showed mercy)
  3. Yes Make it through security with all our stuff. (confiscated duct tape, matches & knife)
  4. Yes Don't get our carry-on baggage weighed, which was so far over the limit.
  5. Yes Get through second security point. (almost lost rope and knitting needles)
  6. Yes Safe flight to Lima
  7. Yes Get passports stamped for 180 days.
  8. Yes Make it through immigration with no problems.
  9. Yes Pick up all luggage with none lost.
  10. Yes Make it through customs without being taxed.
  11. Yes Hire a van to take us to the apartment we rented for a week.
  12. Yes Find the apartment and get settled.
  13. Yes Contact guy that is helping us get visas
  14. Pray Safety while traveling around Lima (10 million people)
  15. Yes Sign contract for Cusco apartment and pay for it.
  16. Pray Successfully start visa paper work within our allotted week in Lima.
  17. Pray Meet with our Peruvian brothers in Lima
  18. Pray Get a ride with all stuff to Airport.
  19. Pray Ship luggage to Cusco by truck.
  20. Pray Fly safe to Cusco.
  21. Pray Collect all luggage.
  22. Pray Transport to apartment and begin settling.

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