Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Onward to Cusco

Praise be to our mighty God who is bigger than governments.  We got 80% of our visa process completed today.  We must return to Lima in about one month to finish the process.  Which means, we are flying to Cusco tomorrow.  We already shipped most of our luggage by truck to Cusco.  It was a very shady part of town where we had to ship from but we our confident that God will get them the last leg of the trip.  Our belongings, in 14 cooler size boxes, have been traveling for over a year and about 5000 miles.  The last 18 hour truck ride will get them to our final destination.  After so long and so many miles, we are definitely not going home, wow! 

Our friends in Cusco have been incredible to us.  They have been working on our apartment and our going to take care of us and help us get settled when we arrive.  We thank God that He put these guys in our lives to help, it will make the transition so much easier.  We have loved our time in Lima and were a little overwhelmed by the outstanding food and availability of anything you would want to buy.  There is so much more available here than in Costa Rica.  Cusco is a much different story but we know if we do really need something it is only 18 hours away by bus or a 1 hour flight.  Better than having to go back to the States.

We went to the church of the Savior in Barranco on Saturday and Sunday.  It was outstanding and alive.  It was very hard to understand all the Spanish but they church is really the church and their lives revolve around the church and Jesus Christ.  I will write more later because there is so much that I want to tell you. 

We may not have Internet for a while so we will check in when we can.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying.  As we seek to advance the Kingdom of Christ we are already feeling the spiritual battle coming upon us. 


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord brother. I have been praying for you all!

Kurt & Robin said...

Carry on soldiers. God will fully equip you for this and every battle. God bless you all.