Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another family joins our team in Peru

Tim and I would like to tell you about a new development within our team. When we arrived at language school last August we met the Martinez family. Joe and Jayne and their 2 children, Micah and Christian, became good friends with Tim and I and our families over the 8 months that they were at language school. Joe is from the Dominican Republic and of course is already fluent in Spanish. Jayne was at the school in the same classes as Tim and I. Joe and Jayne worked in Paraguay for 2 years at an orphanage before language school in Costa Rica. Joe has his masters in counseling and was one of the counselors at the orphanage.  He originally came from more charismatic churches but when he got to language school he began to see biblical doctrine and it radically changed everything about his life. Joe sat in with Tim and I as we wrote our doctrinal statement and as we discussed this for countless hours in December,  Joe, Tim and I were all in full agreement about everything on our doctrinal statement.  Not only are we in agreement doctrinally, but in other important areas like missiology and our convictions about having all our needs met through prayer alone.  Now that the light of biblical doctrine has shined so bright in Joe's life, he wants to pursue preaching and teaching.

L to R - Christian, Joe, Jayne, Micah
Joe has good character, understands the language and Latin American culture very well, and is one of the most patient listeners that I know, which is why he is a good counselor. Tim, Joe and I have been praying for months about the possibility of Joe coming to work with us in Peru. After much praying and discussion it seems that God is leading in this direction. Joe and Jayne are in Paraguay right now to pack up their belongs and to help out Jayne's cousins husband. Jayne's cousin was a missionary in Paraguay but she and her 8 year old son were both killed in a car accident in May of this year. Joe and Jayne will be helping him out and then plan to either drive or fly to Peru to start the visa process with us.  Please pray for this because driving a suburban through Boliva and into Peru is not going to be possible without much prayer. We are very excited about having Joe as our 3rd team member and we think he will balance the team out well and add different strengths to the team.


Anonymous said...

Great news. We will all be praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Thanks God!

Ronny Fallas said...

Muy feliz por la noticia.