Saturday, July 21, 2012

More doors swing open for the gospel

More doors swing open to minister to people with the gospel through my FARO route.  I must say that I love my FARO class despite the tremendous amount of work it is.  After I shared the gospel with everyone on my route, my theme turned to church.  I found that most of the people really had no concept of what a biblical church was and what determined which church they chose was based on what made them feel good at the time.  But the good news is that most of them were very open to hearing about what a biblical church is.  The last 3 weeks it seems that I end up having a Bible study with the people on my route each time we meet.  It is great because they are seeing things in the Bible that are very surprising to them.  As they compare what we learn in the Bible to what they see in their church, some of them are shocked.

I shared my testimony with the people on my route this week and it seemed to blow the door wide open for deep conversation about the things of God.  I had them share their testimonies with me, which revealed a lot about them and made them open up to talk about all kinds of things.  One lady still had questions from a few weeks ago when I shared the gospel with her.  It seems God is really working on her because she said, almost in desperation, "Please tell me who God is.  Tell me something about God."  Her father died a few years ago and the Catholics are feeding her with a whole bunch of lies about him being in Purgatory and they are telling her that she needs to be praying to her dad.  She said that she can't go to heaven and she thinks that Purgatory is her only hope.  I explained that there are only 2 places that you can go after your dead and after death there is no hope.  I kept on explaining the gospel to her over and over.  She is wide open to learning and she has been reading her bible but it doesn't seem that the Spirit has regenerated her yet. 

Another lady who was saved 2 years ago was married to a Hare Krishna until he committed suicide.  Her life has changed and she reads the bible a lot but like a lot of people here, she has no one solid to teach her what the bible actually says.  She either has a bunch of heretical prosperity preachers or the Catholics.  She claims to be Catholic now but she was adamant in saying that the Bible is truth and if the Catholic church taught something that was opposed to the Bible then she would leave.  I gave her some homework. 

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