Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Amazon burden

I am getting a great burden for the indigenous people in the Amazon jungle outside of Cusco. There are over 60,000 unreached and unengaged tribal people living deep in the Amazon jungle of Peru. This means that they have no access to the gospel, they have never heard of Jesus, they have never met a Christian, they have no written language to read about Jesus and generations of them will live and die without ever hearing of their only hope of salvation. There are still tribes in the jungles of Peru that have not been found. 

Ticuna boys
One example of the strange beliefs of the tribal people in the jungles of Peru is what Wycliffe Bible translators found from the Ticuna Indians.
The Wycliffe publication, Translation, issue of September-October 1974, carried an account of the translation of the difficult language of the Ticuna Indians who live along the Amazon on both sides of the Peru-Brazil border. The Ticunas believe in two types of demons. Yeureu demons wear the clothes of a policeman, have the head of a dog and kill anyone who sees them. Ngozo demons are tall, kiss whoever sees them, live in distant forests, obey orders of witch doctors and sometimes can be heard congregating in the clouds. These particular demons do not enter people, nor do they influence them other than taking their thoughts or shooting invisible arrows at them. Another witch doctor can heal their attacks by sucking to remove the darts.

I'm getting a great burden to take the gospel to those that have not heard it, deep in the Amazon.  Praying for a contact to take us deep into the jungle at some point in the future.  


CairesinPeru said...

Scott, I really enjoy reading your posts! They are an encouragement to us as we follow behind you. Where do you get the information regarding reached and unreached groups? I would love to read more. I also am interested in getting into the amazon to the unreached. I am eager to see how God may be able to use us together for his purposes and glory there in the future.

Anonymous said...

where God leads HE provides. keep up the dig and what God allows you to uncover keep readily available and be ready to leave at a moments notice.