Sunday, September 4, 2011

Market day

We went to the small feria by our house on Saturday and got some good stuff but I went early this morning before church with Tim, Jason, Joe and Trevor to the huge feria by the bull fighting arena this morning.  They had a much bigger selection and much better quality fruits and vegetables and it was cheaper.  We bought cucumbers, pineapples, bears, nectarines, peppers, bananas, watermellon, mangos, carrots, avacodos, tomatoes, grapes, potatoes, corn, and a few other things.

The food down here has been excellent and if you buy at the markets, cook at home or eat at the little soda's then you can you good for a decent price.  I have never had better fruit anywhere.  Everything is so ripe and perfect.

We found out another different thing about San Jose.  So last time I discussed the sewer issues and now we find out that all the gray water in the house just runs into the street.  So in front of every house there are pvc pipes coming out of the sidewalk and whenever you run the washer or shower all the water comes out into the street and then runs into the storm drains and then into the river.

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Bill Rau in Big Sky Country said...

Brings back memories, to voluminous to share in a blog! I went to one arena bull fight in the Azores and scores of street bull fights (on one specific occasion, with the bull descending on me at a run and only about 5 feet away... I had to outrun him-- race cars have nitous & nitro; but, God gave us adrenaline). You know by now that you can learn a laguage in a classroom... but, you must immerse yourelf in the culture-- to aquire a command of the language! God speed to you all!