Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 14 - Our Neighborhood

So this is our little neighborhood.  You can see our house, the school and the Killillays house.  Everything has been going very well.  School is great and we are learning a lot.  Being forced to interact with the culture and language daily has been a big help in improving our Spanish. 

Found out something different about this country again.  This may be kind of gross but it turns out that most people in the city don't flush toilet paper because it will clog the sewer.  They put the used toliet paper in the bathroom garbage.  Killillay's found this out the hard way as they clogged up the sewer already.  How were we to know?  Fortunatly our house is on a little hill and the sewer pipe runs down a steep slop into the main line so we don't have any problems and we plan on flushing everything we can as long as we don't have problems.  The Killillay's on the other hand may be taking out the garbage a lot. 

Speaking of sewer problems, Killillay's son Andrew fell into a gringo trap.  A gringo trap is an open sewer with the man hole lid missing.  It is missing because people steal them for various purposes.  So you as you are walking around town you will see a big open whole that is 5-6 feet deep and if your not paying attention you will fell into it.  Apparently only gringos fall into them, hence the name.  So Andrew, being a gringo like us, wasn't paying attention and fell into it.  He is not hurt so we can joke about it now.

Now that we are in Costa Rica my computer knows it and has changed everything to Spanish, which means my spell checker for blogger is now spell checking in Spanish so it says that I spelled every word wrong.  So I appologize if I did spell any words wrong.  Well, have a good day.  We are heading to the Feria in the morning to get fruit and vegetables. 

I planted some peppers, tomatos and corn several days ago and my corn has already come up.  I hope to get a good crop before winter.


Tim Killillay said...

I would like for you to get a good crop before winter, but my friend it is winter here in Costa Rica. I have been eating great farm grown tomatoes picked this winter, since we arrived. We are not in Kansas any more 'Todo'. I just have to have some fun with you Scottie!

Nicole Richie said...

We have been keeping up with all of your blog posts. Everything you experience sounds just like Peru, from people going through your garbage to not flushing the toilet paper, and even to how the little things that might get done quickly in the States can literally take all day in a place like this. As different as the U.S. is from places like Costa Rica and Peru, with God's grace, it eventually becomes normal.

Bill Rau from Big Sky Country said...

I'm not sure why my first attempt to respond didn't take (except to say that it was the 1st blog I have ever responed to-- recall that I am an Information Security Officer for the VA... so I avoid social networking).
I read your daily blogs and it brings back so many memories; having lived amongst the PEOPLE in 3 foreign countries! To include that my wife; whom I met in 1973 is from Scotland... where she is flying to tomorrow to visit her family for 2 weeks!
God is blessing you all, and I can see it. Your vison of Christ will manifest itself in a much different way-- and you will realize that Christ is not American! And you will be more blessed and empowered by Him! I know; because I experienced this transistion. I had observed this before being ordained as deacon at So. Wadsworth Baptist Church n Denver in 1982!
Keep up the good and fathful service!