Saturday, April 16, 2011

A third team will join us in Peru - The Davis'

Matt and Evie Davis have made their announcement that they will leave all behind and move to Peru as missionaries with the Killillay's and us.  Matt describes what lead him to this decision in his blog:

"Here I am today with an immense burden for the people of Peru, and a desire to go share the gospel.  After taking a trip there in march, and spending a month on my knees, seeking God will for my life, my wife and I have decided to leave all that we have and go proclaim the glory of God in Peru.  I count it as a huge privilege that God would give me this honor and allow a wretch like me to even utter His Holy name, let alone go and proclaim the good news of His Son Jesus Christ to the nations.  What a gracious and merciful God I serve, He has purchased me, redeemed me, and bought me, His own creation from a life of sin and death to the light of His mercy and grace.  Praise be to His name.  This honor that He has given me leaves me trembling, and in total awe of His love."

Matt and Evie will spend the next year doing what we have been doing; getting rid of all their stuff and getting an enumerable amount of things done in preparation to move to Peru with a few suitcases.  They will fly to Lima, Peru next May or June and attend language school as well as a Bible institute at the Iglesia Bautista Del Salvador, which is a church that was started by Paul Washer in Lima, Peru and is now supported by HeartCry Missionary society.  The Killillay's and our family will arrive in Lima to get visas in September of next year and also meet up with Matt.  It will take us 2 months to get visas and then all three families will move to Cusco, where we will live and work. 

We are so excited about Matt and Evie joining us and we look forward to the work that God has planned for us.  To find out more about Matt and Evie you can go to Matt's blog:  I Am Not Ashamed.  They will be updated their blog to give more information about their mission.  If you have questions or and interest to hold the rope for Matt you can call him at:  406-202-2967.

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Tim Killillay said...

We are excited about how God has providentially orchestrated our lives together from before the world began! Praise God for leading us all together as a team and using us, as we are not worthy to be used of our Great God! We are excited and will pray for Matt and Evie Davis as they follow the Lord!
Gloría a Dios!