Friday, April 29, 2011

April 2011 Newsletter

Scott and Kim
Saludos (Greetings) to all of you. We want to thank so many of you for holding the rope as we go into the well. We both will have scars for the sake of the gospel as we enter eternity. So much has been developing lately and we see God moving in a powerful way in our lives. We can’t wait to tell you this amazing testimony but we will wait until it happens and then glorify our Sovereign God.

This month was started by preaching at a wonderful church in Big Timber, MT. John Wallace, whom I met at Jordan’s church in Sidney, invited me to preach at his great church. They hold church, for now, in a coffee shop. I pretty much drank coffee from 7am to 3pm, something that I would not recommend. I preached the service, we ate lunch with the church, and then I showed our video from our Peru trip. We met some great people and made new friends. John Wallace and his church are such and encouragement to us with their stalwart dedication to God and His glory. They are truly a biblical church, which is hard to find today.

Matt and Evie
More big news this month. We have a third family joining our team in Peru. Matt and Evie Davis, also from Wolf Creek Baptist, have made their announcement that they will leave all behind and move to Peru as missionaries with the Killillay's and us.  They will fly to Lima, Peru next May or June and attend language school as well as a Bible institute at the Iglesia Bautista Del Salvador, which is a church that was started by Paul Washer in Lima, Peru and is now supported by HeartCry Missionary society.  The Killillay's and our family will arrive in Lima to get visas in September of next year and also meet up with Matt.  It will take us 2 months to get visas and then all three families will move to Cusco, where we will live and work.  We are so excited about Matt and Evie joining us and we look forward to the work that God has planned for us.  Matt’s blog is: I am not ashamed

"Y mi Dios proveerá a todas sus necesidades, conforme a sus riquezas en gloria en Cristo Jesús." Philip. 4:19


Unknown said...

That is great news about more laborers joining you! Please pray God would bring us more also.

A Mexican brother I have poured into over the last couple years here in Guadalajara is now going to Lima Peru for the next 6 months or so to study at the Bible institute of La Iglesia del Salvador. He then plans to come back to Guadalajara. If you take another trip there within the next 6 months it would be great for you to meet him.

Scott Doherty said...

I have been praying for you brother. I would love to meet him but I don't see us getting to Lima in the next 6 months, but you never know how God will work. If I do, I will contact you for more info. Thanks brother.