Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peru trip - Day 3

We finally made it to Cusco at about 6:30 am on March 12. We left Spokane on March 10th, so it took a few days to get here. After two days of travel, Kim was rewarded with Starbucks at the Lima airport. We had no problems with our luggage or flights but we were all wore out when we got to Cusco because of a lack of sleep. Our friend Walter was ready and waiting at the airport for us and he is a lifesaver. I realized that my Spanish had a long way before this trip and now understand that unless I can speak Spanish conversational then I can do nothing. I wish I had another year of Spanish under my belt. Matt is funny because he doesn't know how much Soles are worth and he doesn't know what anyone is saying so he just hands out money left and right and smiles. The hostel we are staying at, Hostel Santa Maria,  is just right, nothing fancy by any means but just the basic. Turns out that toliet paper is an option, if you want it you must go to the store and buy it.  Now that is funny.  No one speaks English here so we depend on Walter heavily to make sure we are doing everything right.

We crashed for a nap until about 1pm, and as far as I understood, Walter is coming back at 2pm to take us somewhere. Our hotel is next to the Plaza de Arms so we will do some exploring today and go to Walters church tomorrow, which as far as I understood is 3 hours away by bus, but I could be wrong. We will post more soon.  I can't post pictures right now for some reason, poor connection.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Townsend - tell Matt we said hi. hope you guys get some good sleep tonight. Have fun.Tell Matt that 10 dollars is 28 soles (about) Bring home handmade pottery for his ma...Praying for all of you
Frank and Joan

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound Honey. Tried calling your cell phone but no luck. We'll keep checking this site for updates. Stay safe and God bless all of you.
Mom and Dad Doherty

Tim Killillay said...

No olvidas la chicha morada senior Doherty. I know the excitement you guys are feeling right now. We continue to pray for you all.