Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, the time has come to make our first trip to Peru.  We are leaving on Thursday, March 10th and after two days of travel we will finally make it to Cusco.  We will be in Cusco until March 17th and then arrive home on the 18th.  Please pray for a productive trip, our safety and for us to be able to overcome the language barrier with our Peruvian friend Walter who doesn't speak English.  We trust in our Sovereign God to lead us and we depend on Him for every breath, however; God has ordained to use the prayers of the saints to accomplish this end, so please pray for us each day.  I will try to update this blog every day with our experiences and pictures so keep checking back to see what we are doing. 

I took an idea from a blog I follow called the Ingrum family in Peru.  I basically stole the entire idea because it was so good.  We interviewed Raegan and Emmy concerning their thoughts about Peru.  This will give those interested a little insight to what the kids are thinking.  Here it is:

Raegan (12) & Emmy (6)

Questions about Peru

Where to we live now?
Emmy:  Wolf Creek
Raegan:  Wolf Creek, MT

Do you want to move to Peru?
Emmy:  Yes, because I think it will be fun and I can play in the rain and in our new house and at the market.
Raegan:  Yes, because it is different and I can speak to people in Spanish.

Why are we moving to Peru?
Emmy:  Dad is going to preach.
Raegan:  To do missions

Do you want to speak Spanish?
Emmy:  No, because it is too hard.
Raegan:  Yes, because I want to know a different language.

What will Dad do in Peru?
Emmy:  Preaching
Raegan:  Preach to the Peruvians.

What will Mom do in Peru?
Emmy:  Clean house, buy food at the market and teach us.
Raegan:  Take care of the kids and cook.

What makes Dad happy?
Emmy:  Not lying and doing what Mom and Dad say.
Raegan:  Being able to do what God wants him to do.

What makes Mom happy?
Emmy:  Helping her get vegetables and food.
Raegan:  Having her down time.

Do you like being homeschooled?
Emmy:  Yes, because I can do school with Mom and Dad.
Raegan:  Yes, because we can do Bible lessons.

What will you miss most about Montana?
Emmy:  My friends, grandma, grandpa, papa, nana and everyone
Raegan:  Snow

What is the chief end of man?Emmy:  To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
Raegan:  To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

What animal do you want to see most in Peru?
Emmy:  Llama
Raegan:  Horses

What do you want to eat in Peru?
Emmy:  not guinea pig, but I do like to eat other pigs and the same food as we have here.
Raegan:  Anything but meat.

What do you want to do in Peru?
Emmy:  See places and play with friends.
Raegan:  Witness to the Peruvians


Tim Killillay said...

Amen! I like it. I will check in daily my friend!

Kim Doherty said...

I like how Em thinks that Scott will always be preaching and I'm at the market buying veggies while she plays in the rain!

Gus said...

May God be you all on this important journey.