Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas in Cusco

Like everyone else we have been busy as we approach Christmas.  We had several events at the church that went very well.  The women of the church had a Christmas party, which had a great turn out with great fellowship.

We also had a Chocolatada, which is basically a church Christmas party.  A Chocolatada usually involves panatón (a Peruvian fruit cake), hot chocolate, and gifts for the kids.  We had a tremendous turnout, almost 100 people showed up, which was way beyond the capacity of our church building.  Wehrner started out preaching the gospel in a short message concerning the birth of Christ.  After, Anthony Olson and his family with their Bible club kids put on a Christmas program.  We sang a few songs and then broke out the hot chocolate, panatón and presents for the kids.  It was a little chaotic, but good fun and fellowship.  Here are some pictures below.

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Anonymous said...

an opportunity to sow, disciple, and just fellowship. a time to gather and enjoy. unity

Kim and raegan ,i see you . smile.