Friday, February 19, 2016

Medical Campaign 2016 (Video)

Our church in Cusco just finished up a four day medical campaign.  Joe Martinez organized a group of doctors through his mission to come to Cusco and help us with our ministry by doing a campaign.  In the four days of the campaign we served around 500 people in Simataucca (The Quechua village near our land), in the juvenile detention center in Cusco, and at our church.  It was a busy, but a God glorifying, week.  Everyone heard the gospel in some way, whether through the preaching in the mornings, the one-on-one conversations, or by the gospel tracks that everyone received.  

We find these medical campaigns to be a good way to build trust with people who we are trying to reach, to share the gospel, and to open doors for future work.  All the kids of the church were helping as well.  Christian, Micah, Wehrner's twins, Raegan and Emmy did everything from translating to fitting people for eye-glasses.  Emmy filled prescription bags and Raegan, who translated for the dentist for two days, even pulled a few teeth!  Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the campaign.

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