Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Faithfulness of God

We have learned over and over that God is faithful to His Church.  I want to give an update on God's faithfulness to His church in Cusco.

We have been going through some changes and various trials in Cusco.  The devil always tries to destroy the church of God and he uses all kinds of means to accomplish this end.  God, however, is sovereign and faithful to His Bride.  God uses trials and difficult times to strengthen the local church and He uses suffering to conform His people to the image of Jesus.  

It is so encouraging to gather together with the church to worship God together as a family.  God has really been strengthening the core of the church.  The members are dedicated and they are beginning to set the culture for the new people to imitate as they come in.  God has also answered our prayers for someone to help lead music.  A guy named Herman, who is a member with his wife, is now playing the guitar during service.  He does an outstanding job and it really has improved our worship dramatically.  

I just finished teaching an evangelism class for the last 3 1/2 months. The church seems to have a new desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ.   Wehrner is just finishing up a series on Philippians, and Joe is about to start a new Sunday School series on the family.  We really want to establish strong, Christ-centered families to set the example for the new people.  

We just about have all the documents of the church finished and registered with the government as well.  Membership, the constitution, and the bylaws have strengthened the core and will help us avoid many problems in the future.

After worshiping the Lord with a packed building of believers today, I was encouraged and convinced of God's faithfulness to His church.  I believe we will only go up from here.  We will continue to be faithful to God in teaching and preaching His Word, in prayer, in evangelism, in discipleship, and fellowship, depending on God alone to make His word effectual and to build His Church.

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