Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Need for Missionaries in Tacna

A few groups of Christians, who came out of bad churches, have been asking us to come help them for over a year.  Finally we had time to take a bus to Tacna, which is on the border of Chile.  We spent 16 hours traveling by bus to visit these brothers.  We met with Gonzalo first.  He shared his testimony of how he came to understand sound doctrine and how his life had been changed.

After resting for a while, and eating some lunch, we met back at Gonzalo's house for a time of worship and questions.  A lot of people showed up and we answered questions for over five hours.  They had a lot of questions about the procedures in starting a church, membership, choosing pastors, etc.  Several people broke down in tears as they told us of their struggles. We were able to give counsel, answer a lot of questions, and guide them in starting a church.   It was an amazing night.

The next day we met with Abraham and his group of believers.  Again, we answered questions for hours and had a great time of fellowship.  We also gave Abraham and Gonzalo a stack of good books from the Gospel Coalition, which they greatly appreciated.

The greatest need that both these groups have is missionaries.  They both begged for us to send them missionaries to help start the church.  Tacna would be a great place to start a church.  There is already a group of about 25 people that want to start a church, and they are in the process of doing so, but they need help.  Once again we see a great need but have no way to meet it.  

Our goal is to raise up Peruvian missionaries and pastors to send out from our church to areas like Tacna.  We also want to bring in missionaries from the States, help them learn the language and culture, train them in the church for a few years, and then send them to places like Tacna.  The harvest is great but the laborers are so few.  We are praying for God to raise up qualified men to come to Peru to meet these needs.

Is God calling you?

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Unknown said...

Praying. Thank you so much for sharing about this need.