Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Year in Cusco

As I arrived to meet with my friend Rony for our weekly Bible study, I found that his mom and two brothers were there.  Rony's mom is Quechua and she is very funny and kind.  I'm not sure how old she is but she looks old and probably is only around four and half feet tall.  She is busy and a hard worker.  She talks a hundred miles per hour in a mixture of Quechua and Spanish, often switching languages every other sentence.  Rony often explains to his mom the errors of her ways concerning God and teaches her what I have been teaching him.  The long conversation of this day was about chickens and eggs.  Rony's mom was convinced that her chicken eggs were worth more money because her chickens only lay a couple eggs every three days.  Rony was telling her that she could buy chickens that would lay a couple eggs every day but she was not convinced.  As the deep conversation about chickens and eggs proceed in two different languages, I started to think of how far we have come over the last two years and how much our lives have changed.
It is hard to believe that we arrived in Cusco exactly one year ago.  We have been out of the States for over two years now.  As I think about this, I'm amazed at how good God is, how He has cared for us so well,  and how comfortable we are living in Peru.  It seems that we are as much at home in Cusco as we are in the States.  As we seek to buy land and build a house, we confirm that we have no exit plan.  We have learned to depend on God so much and we have seen Him work in so many different ways in our lives, that we would never change anything if we could.  The church is advancing slowly as we are established and the work in the jungle keeps increasing with every trip.  I can think of nothing else that I would rather do.  Each morning I wake up, I look out the window and thank God for another day in Peru and pray that he will give us many more here.



Anonymous said...

Praise God!!

Anonymous said...

It is truly overwhelming just how good God is! He takes such good care of his children!

As much as we miss y'all - we are still happy that God is using you in such a tremendous way for His glory!

in His grip,
Chris & Sheryl