Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Andes

How we long to be in the Andes.  We are so thankful to God that He has brought us and kept us in Costa Rica for language school but we know that this place is temporary.  We have set our path toward Cusco, Peru, high in the Andes to live among the Peruvian people.  We long for the privilege of working with our Peruvian brothers for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  How great is our God that He would give us such a great privilege?  We are unworthy of this calling and are humbled before our mighty God who has ordained this from the foundation of the world.  At times we are so overjoyed that we sit in amazement and at other times we sit in fear and trembling because of the task ahead.  We can only trust in Christ to sustain us by the power of His word in the same way that He sustains the universe.  Our dependence on God and His Sovereignty is more real and enlightened now than ever before.  We can do nothing without you Jesus.   Please pray for us brothers, as we travel to Peru in a few weeks to meet with our Peruvian brothers.


Alexander said...

You are in our prayers and will be all the time. Go on, may the Lord bless every effort you make to share the Gospel

Travis Smith said...

I'm so jealous Scott! (And proud of you!) I think of you often and pray for your mission. It must be truly exhilerating to have such wonder on your horizons in the greatest commission of all!