Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reformed Missions in Latin America

As we continue to learn Spanish in Costa Rica we have been encouraged by so many other brothers with sound doctrine that God has put in our life.  The other day Killillay and I met up with two such brothers.  Once again through God's wonderful providence I was put in contact with a guy named Nick Lamme who is a reformed pastor in the San Jose area and also works with Bill Green at their publishing company. 

Nick picked up Killillay and I after school and drove us 30 minutes away to the reformed elementary school and publishing company that was started by Bill Green.  The publishing company was outstanding.  They publish theologically solid books from the 16th century to today.  They are translating great works like Calvin's commentaries into Spanish and shipping these books all over Latin America.

It is so great to find like-minded brothers in Christ that are laboring faithfully for Christ in Latin America.  The resources that they offer will be so valuable to the Peruvians who we are going to. We have already gained permission from our language school to have these men come in and present their ministry and explain their book publishing operation.  Hopefully they can use the hundreds of missionaries that go through the language school as a way to distribute reformed books throughout Latin America.
Killillay and I have also agreed to set up a distribution center in Peru at the church that we will start, God willing.   With good theologically books printed in Spanish being rare and expensive in Peru, we hope to make these books readily available to the Peruvians that we will serve. 

More information about the ministry's of Bill Green and Nick Lamme can be found on their web site Reformed Missions in Latin America

On another note, we are so thankful to John Wallace for sending a brother a very important tool for ministry.  Yes, I'm talking about coffee.  Thank you Wallace for the outstanding coffee press and coffee from Bozeman, MT.  As well as the little surprises for the kids and the funny card.  Ridiculous.


Kurt said...

Great update on the work in Latin America! It's so awesome to hear of the translation processes. Praise the Lord!

Tim Killillay said...

I am learning from Scott that you can't have truly biblical theology without a good cup of coffee! We are excited to see how God will use each of these contacts and resources to magnify His name in Peru!

Matthew Wilson said...

That is great to hear about the reformed publishing house in Costa Rica. Don't forget to use Chapel Library Spanish resources. That is funny about the coffee. I just went to World Market and they had some Peruvian Coffee and I thought of you guys. Pretty good stuff. You are the ones that should be sending us coffee. Just kidding. Take Care!

For His Glory-

Scott Doherty said...

I actually just did send a few of my supporters coffee. Also, I agree, I will have to use Chapel library as well.