Friday, October 21, 2011

Powerline Fire in our neighborhood

Day 60

We have not had internet for several days because of the following reason:

This morning while getting ready for school I heard an explosion. I looked outside my window and saw smoke and then watched the power lines catch on fire. The wires shorted out and the fuse never blew so as the insulation on the wires melted there were more wires going to ground. The video below show this well. Costa Rica has a shoddy power distribution system, as you will see in the video. They attach as many wires as possible to a pole. Electricity, cable, phone, and internet are woven together like a big spider web. This is bad when there is a fire like today. The firemen that showed up didn't seem to know what to do. They stared for a while then started spraying water on live wires that were on fire. They never killed the power at all but they did run up and down the street squirting the flames.

This was to be a day of testing. As soon as I left for school, Emmy woke up and puked 4 times all over the place. As Kim was cleaning the mess up, she heard our landlord Jorge at our gate shouting. Jorge was here with the termite exterminator to kill the termites that were eating our ceiling and leaving sawdust on us each night. Jorge left the exterminator with Kim. He spoke to her in high speed Spanish, which Kim does not even know any speed Spanish. He proceeded to spray large amounts of a liquid pesticide all over the ceiling, walls, clothes, and beds. He insured Kim not to worry because he said that it was non-toxic.

The combination of these 3 events would have normally caused a major meltdown in my wife, but God is so good. God gave Kim an overwhelming sense of peace in the heat of the battle. She actually was joyful as she cleaned up after a sick little girl and a messy exterminator and continued all day in doing tons of laundry, home-school, more cleaning, and cooking dinner. The funny thing was that Kim was in a great mood when I got home and handled everything unbelievable. This can only be credited to God. This is so encouraging to us because it was like God was saying that He was preparing us for His service but there would be many trials and that He would give us abundant grace to get through each one. Gloria a Dios for His glorious grace and peace that surpasses understanding. 

We are at the 2 month mark and this is the time when many people break down. On this 2 month mark was a crazy day that would make anyone stressed out. Along with 8 days straight of rain there was the potential for depression to kick in but God chose to give so much peace and joy at this point.   

Joy and satisfaction in God while in the midst of trials is what truly glorifies Him. Praise God.

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