Friday, October 7, 2011

Gloria a Dios! Our first package

Everyday I run to the mail box looking for mail, not because we really need anything life or death, but because we do not ever get mail anymore and it is a very exciting thing for us.  I went to the mail box today and saw a slip of paper telling me that I had to go to the post office to pick up a package.  Killillay and I went right after school and there it was....Una caja grande. 

The care package was from Fellowship Baptist Church who does nothing but sacrifice for us, serve us, and support us with everything that God gives them.  Fellowship is a continued encouragement to us and we are extremely humbled by their love for Christ and the advancement of His kingdom.  We are also humbled by their self-sacrificing love for us, we are not at all worthy to have such great people holding the rope for us. 

I waited until we got home so we could open it together.   When we did open it, we found peanut butter!  Also candy and candles, which I'm guessing the candles are not for me.  The kids tore into the candy like it was Christmas.  Everyone was so excited.  Thank you Fellowship Baptist for all that you do.

Just one more funny note about learning Spanish.  Pronunciation in Spanish is so important and if you mis-pronounce a word it can change the whole meaning of a sentence.  For instance here are a few words:

To bake:  hornear (the "h" is silent)
To pee:    orinar

Even though spelled different, these words sound almost exactly the same and they can definately change the meaning of a sentence.  Por ejemplo:

I need to go to the bathroom and bake.   Or...
I am peeing in the oven.

There are so many other examples, por ejemplo:

Mamá -  Mommy
Mama -  Part of the woman´s body they use to feed babies.

papá -  Daddy
Papa - The Catholic Pope
papa - potato

So if you say and pronounce this sentence wrong you could be in a world of hurt,

Estoy horneando una papa para tu papá.  (I´m baking a potato for your dad)
Estoy orinando una papa para tu Papa.  (I´m peeing a potato for your Pope)

Killillay and I are learning many things in Spanish the hard way.

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Anonymous said...

esta bueno hombre que estas aprendiendo el espanol correcto. cuidado te puedes meter en problemas, si lo dices incorrecto .sigue aprendiendo. saludos a todos por alli.ROLOS:)