Friday, August 19, 2011

Goodbye USA, friends, family, and great churches

I thought I would give a quick update before we fly to Costa Rica tomorrow.  We may not have access to communication for a while once we get there.  We need to get Internet and phones when we get there and I have no idea how long that will take.  So if you don't here from us for a while you will know why.  We will update our contact information on this blog under the "contact" tab when we get it. 

We said all of our goodbye's and and left my parents house at 5am with our heavily loaded car to drive to Denver, which is where we fly out of.  We had a great trip.  We stopped at John Wallace's church/coffee shop to get a boost.  John and his family met us there at 7:30am to buy us breakfast and coffee, visit and pray one more time.  It was a great morning.  We had a minor detour when we never turned of the interstate and ended up in Gillette.  We had to take a secondary highway for 150 miles to get back on track.  It never wasted too much time and we got to see a new part of Wyoming, which looked like the rest of Wyoming:  flat, windy, dry and sagebrush. 

We got into Denver late and met Mr. Killillay who guided us through the city.  If it was not for Killillay we would probably still be looking for the hotel.  Killillay is an excellent driver in a big city and I am going to insist that Killillay gets his Peruvian drivers license right away so he can shuttle us around the country. 

We have a day to get organized and relax before we leave our great country on Saturday at noon.  We thank God for this privilege and for all of you that are staying home and holding the rope for us.  The thought of leaving our country to live forever in countries that are so different, with a different language and culture, where we are now the foreigners, is a humbling thought.  We are first comforted and enabled to do this by our Sovereign God who ordained all of this.  We are upheld by Jesus Christ every second and are ensured that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Finally we are encouraged and take comfort knowing that we have so many good people that are also sacrificing, praying and supporting us back home.  Thanks everyone.  Que Dios te bendiga.

Levi, Carol, Craig, Emmy, Chase, Raegan
Kim's Grandparents:  Betty and Dale
Levi, baby Lauren, Corbin, Emmy, Lindsay, Raegan, Chase
My Parents:  Lynn and Dennis


Michael Kane said...

Jesus be with you all. What a great trip for our Master!

Anonymous said...

Vaya con Dios!
Charlie and Becky

Kurt Mustian said...

Many blessings to you. May you find the greatest joy in the journey through obedience to God's almighty plan. -Kurt