Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 3 living in Costa Rica

(Monday August 22)

I got up early today and studied and then went on a run. Running here is very difficult but not because of the climate but because of the obstacles. I spend most of my time dodging traffic on the busy streets or dodging gringo traps in the road or the many tore up sidewalks. I ran down about a mile and found a park so I ran up to a little lookout and found some guy up there. We got to talking (I say talking loosely because my Spanish is bad) and it turns out that he wants to learn English and I want to learn Spanish. I followed him to his house and it turns out that he owns a beauty salon which is weird. The guy is a little fruity but he is an agnostic and he needs to understand the gospel. I met his sister who is a “Christian” that goes to the Nazarene church in my neighborhood. We are going to meet every Wednesday at the park to teach each other. I will just keep on explaining the gospel to him until God saves him or he leaves.

The whole family walked a mile or so to McDonald’s today. They have a coffee shop in it and also WiFi so we brought our ipods so we could check in with folks back home for the first time. Like everything else, McDonald’s is also very expensive but it tastes the same as back home with a few twists and specialties. We walked back up the street towards our house and stopped by the supermercado to get a few groceries and then walked home.

The weather around here is pretty predictable so far. It is always sunny in the morning and then becomes a little windy in the afternoon and then about 1 or 2 it pours down buckets for a while and then stops. Walking around here I see that they can grow anything here so I am going to buy a few pots and dirt and grow some tomatoes. I don't like to eat them but my wife does and I like to grow them.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to seal up the termites in our ceiling. We continue to fight ants and more cockroaches.

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