Saturday, November 6, 2010

Provision through faith alone

As we have said, we are not raising our support for our work in the field by they typical means that missionaries use, which is calling churches and asking to present their ministry and then asking them to support them financially.  We are simply praying that our Sovereign God will raise up individuals and churches that will live sacrificially and support us.  We don't tell our needs or ask for money, we just wait on the Lord to provide through obedient Christians.  Men throughout time have did this same thing, men like George Muller, C.T. Studd, Hudson Taylor and present day men like Paul Washer and Heart Cry.  I was very much encouraged and our dependence on God alone was confirmed when I read what just happened with Heart Cry.  They told no one their needs but prayed and God raised up one single person to support 40 of their missionaries.  Here is the story:

Upon returning from the 10/40 window, the staff at HeartCry set themselves to praying for an advance. There were forty missionaries who were approved and ready, but the funds were needed. We kept the matter concealed among us and made our requests known to God. After two months of feeble praying and little faith, the Lord has done it! One family in the U.S., who desires to remain anonymous, contacted HeartCry with the burden to live the faith they professed, and to know the joy of disinterest in and sacrifice of self. Without any communication between us, they had been praying about supporting missionaries in India with the exact amount that was needed to support the forty new missionaries! Praise the Lord! God has moved them to support the whole group of men! We will soon be traveling to India to make the final preparations for this new advance.

We are looking forward to writing to you all about how our miraculous, Sovereign God, supplied all our support for us without us ever asking men or telling our needs.  We trust in God to provide through the people that He wants to give the privilege of sacrificing. 

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