Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How it all works

So far we have been officially going as missionaries to Peru for one month now.  Praise God for his faithfulness through this month.  It seems that if you want a lot of trial in your life then the best thing to do is fully surrender to God and give your life to fulfilling the great commission to the end of the earth.  We have had so many trials since we have started this venture but our Sovereign God has sustained us through them all and we praise Him for that. 
I have been getting a lot of questions on how our donations are taken so I figure I better clarify.  When people send us money they do it by simply writing a check to Central Missionary Clearinghouse and sending it to:

Central Missionary Clearinghouse
Houston, Texas 77218-9228
P.O. Box 219228

It is important to mark on a separate piece of paper that the check is for the Doherty family in Peru.  You can also print out the individual or church donor form to send with your check if you want.  You can now also donate by credit card on our sacrifice page but it is not tax deductible because we can't figure out how to do that yet.  

Once your money arrives at CMC they put it in their account and at the end of the month they transfer it to our bank and mail us a report of giving.  So please forgive us if you have given money to us and we never responded with a thank you right away.  We just have no idea what money comes in or who gives until the end of each month.  

We want to thank the people who have generously sacrificed with us at home so we can give our lives in the field.  We thank God for His providence.

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