Monday, November 15, 2010

November Update

God in His providential care is so much better to us than we deserve.  I was invited to Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney Montana last week to teach two sessions at their deacon training as well as present our ministry in Peru.  It was so refreshing to go to a biblical New Testament Church that has a love for Jesus Christ.  Pastor Jordan Hall and Fellowship Baptist Church were extremely hospitable and generous with everything.  Jordan and a few people in the congregation took me hunting for a couple days in some prime country.   At Fellowship they are very solid in doctrine, expository preach, have an elder led church, and are very focused on teaching within the family both at church and home through Catechism.   The people love Jesus and are dedicated to Him and the local body in Sydney.  It was just a pure pleasure to be with this church and to have them as part of our mission board.  I made many new friendships and look forward to keeping in contact with them.  Praise God for His providence!  Let God be glorified.

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