Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God's Good Providence

Hartur, the guy that I have been discipling for over a year, must go back to Trujillo (a city on the coast that takes a 28 hour bus ride to get there) for his work.  He leaves tomorrow.  Hartur works on a construction crew that builds highways.  Hartur is growing tremendously spiritually and his advancement in knowledge and practice is an example to all.  We have all been so encouraged by him.  He has a zeal for evangelism and is growing more bold every day. 
The news of his leaving would have been very sad, but he just found out this week that he has an opportunity to work on a gas line project in Calca, which is just outside of Cusco.  He excitedly took the job and will return to Cusco at the end of this month!  I can't tell you how thankful I am to God for this great work of providence.  He will be in Calca an involved in the church for at least two more years, at least that is what his contract says.  Please continue to pray for Hartur and his spiritual growth. He has great potential to be trained and enter into the ministry, God willing.   He has a great desire to serve God in Peru or at the ends of the earth.

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This is God's way, Hartur & Scott....CONGRATULATIONS!!