Monday, September 29, 2014

The States for the Holidays

After over three years in the field, we are coming back to the States on October 15th and will stay through the holidays.  We will be spending most of our time in Montana, but will make trips to Idaho, North Dakota and Tennessee to visit family and preach at churches.  Looking forward to what God has in store for our time in the States.  Looking forward to spending time with family and friends, talking about Peru with a few churches we know, hiking in the Montanan mountains that I miss so much, eating good food during the holidays, and hopefully stirring people up to risk everything for the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ among the nations.  Hope to see everyone we can.
God give me a deep humility, a well-guided zeal, a burning love and a single eye, and then let men or devils do their worst! - George Whitefield


Ashley Morgan said...

When would you be in Tennessee and what part of Tennessee? It might be a good opportunity for my son to come hear you.

Scott Doherty said...

We will be in Clarksville on November 9th