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My New Book - The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation

The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation

A Daily Devotional in the Scriptures
Today, when we hear the word meditation we immediately associate the term with a New Age practice. Sadly, the spiritual discipline of meditating on the Scriptures has become uncommon among Christians while in contrast the blending of eastern mysticism with mainstream Christian thought has risen to prominence. True, biblical meditation on the Scriptures has been replaced with a self-centered and mystic spirituality.  Overall this spiritual practice has faded with the Puritans. I have found such meditation, understood in a biblical and meaningful way, brings blessing, joy, and spiritual growth. Many Christians read the Bible each day but don't meditate on it. A lack of meditation often results in lack of profit gained from devotions. Many times during devotions, without meditation, the Christian finishes in the same condition in which he started.

I wrote The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation: A Daily Devotional in the Scriptures with two purposes in mind. First, I want to teach people how to meditate on the Scriptures in a meaningful way, after the pattern of the Puritans. Second, I purposefully use a daily devotional format so readers will begin to discipline themselves in meditating on one passage of Scripture each day. Rather than just write about the Puritan form of meditation, I provide practice through meaningful daily devotions. By the end of the book, after meditating for an entire year, the reader will be trained in one of the most important spiritual disciplines.  

I want to recover the lost spiritual discipline of meditation. In doing so, I hope to encourage Christians to grow in grace and truth and to savor the spiritual blessings of God’s Word.

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The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation is a foundational resource that will benefit every believer's walk with the Lord. I recommend it for all those who seek to walk faithfully and see His power to transform their lives through His Word.
-M. David Sills, D.Miss., Ph.D.

Scott Doherty has written a masterpiece on Christian meditation! Knowing and communing with God should be the greatest goal of every human being. This book gives the reader the necessary tools and encouragements to achieve that lofty goal. The pages you are about to read are deeply rooted in the scriptures, they are centered on Christ and are historical in their approach to cultivating an intimate relationship with the Living God.  
Micah Tuttle, Missionary, Peru

In a world of artificial urgency and marketed chaos The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation: A Daily Devotional in the Scriptures is a potent antidote to the roaring pace of life and “bogus spirituality.” Scott graphically warns that many times “without meditation, the Christian finishes (devotions) in the same condition in which he started.” Working through this devotional guide shatters the possibility of this happening.
Joel McCutcheon, Campus Chaplain, The Spanish Language Institute, San Jose, Costa Rica
The Puritans were experts at doing what some of them called, “The art of holy meditation”. By this, they referred not to the anti-biblical mysticism of Eastern Religion in which one empties his mind of all thoughts, but to the biblically-mandated practice of saturating one’s mind and thoughts with the truth of Scripture so as to think God’s thoughts after Him. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life and a million and one things that distract our minds from what is truly important, Scott Doherty reminds us that “one thing is necessary” (Luke 10:42). He does this by calling us to return to the old paths, to the discipline of flooding our minds with the light of God’s Word so that our hearts and lives will be impacted by the power of truth as we draw near to God in intimate communion with His Word. Your soul will be refreshed if you take heed to the burden of this book.
Josef Urban, Missionary, Mexico

This is not just a devotional book to add to your quiet time. It models and teaches the spiritual discipline of biblical meditation. It will encourage and challenge you daily. In addition it will guide you to apply historically tested methods of learning God’s Word and growing in a deeper relationship with Him.
Scott Dollar, Preaching Pastor, The Way, Clarksville, Tennessee
Scott’s new devotional book is a wonderful addition to my personal devotional library and will be introduced to my church as well. It is rich, deep and thought provoking and is a wonderful tool to use in training Christians of any age in the spiritual discipline of meditating on God’s word.
Paul Lackey, Pastor, Living Faith Baptist Church
The Bible clearly teaches that what every believer needs is to have more faith. But it also promises that the fountain where he can find it is the Bible itself. It is through the constant reading, memorization, and meditation of the Scriptures that God promises to give us the faith we need for our daily sanctification. This is why this book is so important. It will help every christian understand, desire and know how to grow in the spiritual discipline of meditation of the Scriptures. He provides his reader with what has become his personal practice and discipline and shares it with the goal of helping them grow in holiness by meditating daily on the Scriptures. I highly recommend this book to you.
Eduardo Flores, Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Reformada (Reformed Baptist Church) Los Lagos, Costa Rica.
In a day where emotionally driven and mystical devotional books abound, this book drives us back to the Scripture where we belong. As the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed: “Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart”. In like manner, this book calls us to slow down, take small bites, and chew well. I thank the Lord for the ministry of this dear brother and pray this book draws you closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
John Wallace
I was saved over thirty years ago and played the "quiet time" game for many years. I would set my alarm clock and drag myself out of bed...or I hit snooze or just turned the alarm off completely. This was my pattern for the next eighteen or nineteen years. Until Christ changed my heart. The grace that saves is also the grace that sanctifies. Here's my story.
On April 3, 2003 at 5:30 in the morning, Christ gave me a heart to pursue him. I was already saved but that morning, he poured his grace over me and gave me a desire to be begin the day alone with him. It has been a rare morning that I have not been able to spend 45 minutes to two hours, sometimes more, in the word and in prayer. I share this carefully because it is all of grace. But I want others to know it is possible, and brings great joy and satisfaction in Christ alone. It's not me, it's not an act of the will, it is pure sovereign intervention in the life of a believer because he is a kind, loving and merciful God. The first 18 years of "quiet time" were all fleshly efforts and that's why I failed. The intention was good but my motives were selfish and therefore sinful.
It is with great pleasure I recommend this book by Scott Doherty. He has given us a wonderful tool that by the power of the Holy Spirit, will draw you into the word in a beautiful way. Meditating on Christ and his word is a great gift of God and he has provided, through Scott, a most useful resource.
As you begin, let me encourage you to pray II Corinthians 12:9a and ask Christ to crush your own sinful efforts and lead you to rest in him. Plead his mercies, die to self and he will grow you in grace through the word and prayer.
Larry Chandler, Elder, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Atlanta Georgia
We live in a day of superficial knowledge and fast answers. What we need is to slow down and immerse ourselves into Gods Word. Brother Scott Doherty’s book “The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation” provides a helpful method on how to dig deep into Gods Word, while nourishing the believer’s soul. I highly recommend this book, as it is beneficial for both personal and family devotions.
Sean Banks, Pastor, Providence Church of Williston, North Dakota
Many years ago, I wrote to a friend in Caracas asking him for prayer because I felt I was not overcoming sin in my life. My friend´s reply was: How is your devotional life? I have read books about spiritual disciplines being aware of their importance in our spiritual growth. I even recommended those books, but I still was fighting to apply what I knew was the right thing to do. By the grace of God I eventually learned to find delight in the presence of God through prayer and meditation of the Word. A devotional book like this would have been a great help in those days of struggling because it lets you practice what you are learning. It is my desire and prayer that our Lord use this excellent devotional to show people how to find the treasures hidden in the holy meditation of the Bible.
Alexander León, Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Reformada (Reformed Baptist Church) Los Lagos, Costa Rica

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