Friday, July 25, 2014

HeartCry Conference in Lima

Eddie, Me, Joe, Luke
We had the great privilege of being invited to the HeartCry Missionary Society pastors conference in Lima this week.  Joe Martinez and I flew to Lima on Monday to join pastors from all around Peru and Argentina.  We had such sweet fellowship with old and new friends.  We also heard great preaching from some of the pastors and from the main conference speaker, Sugel Michelen.  Sugel is an outstanding preacher from the Dominican Republic.  Upon trying to enter Peru he discovered that the visa laws had changed, and he was unable to enter the country.  He was still able to teach at the conference through Skype. 
Joe, Esteban, Me, Nicolas
We met some great brothers in Christ, as well as many new contacts throughout Peru.  More opportunities presented themselves for us to expand out work as well.   Although we met very godly brothers in Christ, we met to of the most Christ-like people I have met.  Nicolas Serrano, a HeartCry missionary in Argentina, and his friend Esteban Toloza both pastor a church in Argentina called Iglesia Familia de la Gracia (Grace Family Church).  These two men are truly men whom the world is not worthy.  They both preached during the conference and we were so encouraged as well as challenged.  Nico and Esteban reflected Christ in everything they did from preaching to conversation.  Please check out the work they are doing in Argentina and pray for these dear brothers.

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