Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to the Amazon

On September 6 to the 14th, Joe Martinez and I will be heading back into the Amazon with our friend Miguel to teach the Ashaninka people.  This time we are going to a new village called Nazaret, which is much deeper in the jungle than Chembo. From Satipo (the last point of civilization), we must travel by dirt road for 2 hours, then take a canoe (with motor) for 3 hours down river, finally we have to hike 20 kilometers over three mountains to get to the village. We will be teaching for several days. With the new material that we are teaching, we must commit to four trips into Nazaret in order to finish. We basically teach 40 lessons from Genesis to Revelation. We got the material from David Sills and it is designed to teach indigenous people. We are very excited to be able to teach in this village of about 80 people.   
Wilder is the jefe of Nazaret

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Koplin Familia said...

Very exciting!! Praise God!!