Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Resistance in the Jungle Removed

I'm continually amazed how God turns the schemes of the Devil for His good and glory.  The Devil's schemes to stop the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ have turned to actually further the Kingdom.  As you know from an earlier post, the unbelievers in the village of Chembo rose up against us and spoke to the jefe of the village to stop us from coming.  Many people have been praying about this but alternatively we were planning to do the teaching in Atalaya, a little community on the river.  I just received word from Miguel, the pastor in Satipo that we support, that the resistance has been removed.  Miguel and his father-in-law have just returned from the village Chembo with the news that they spoke with the jefe and resolved possible misunderstandings (like we were not going to kill their children, steal their grease or their souls). 

We now have permission to stay the week in Chembo, preaching and teaching.  It gets better.  Now there are invitations going out to 12 villages to come to Chembo for teaching and preaching and Chembo is the village that is going out inviting the other villages.  This is an amazing turn of events.  Only a few days ago the unbelievers in Chembo had stopped us from coming and were trying to stop others from going to hear us in Atalaya. 

It should be amazingly interesting to step out of the boat onto the ground of Chembo village in a few weeks.  Gloria a Dios!!!

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