Thursday, February 14, 2013

La Pregunta Más Grande

Today was a great day of evangelism for our church in Cusco.  We went to Andina University and gave out The Biggest Question dvds in Spanish as well as gospel tracts.  The people loved them and we gave out over 1000 dvds and tracts in only 1/2 hour.  We had each family in the church plus Craig and Carol Savidge who are visiting.  Most of us had great one on one conversations and the gospel was clearly presented.  People seemed to love them and many came to us, asking for the dvds.  In the last week we gave out almost 2000 tracts and dvds as well as shared the gospel one one one with many people. 

We know that this is the means that God uses to save people but we are not so foolish to think that doing these "things" will save people.  If the Spirit of God does not descend on these people with the tracts and dvds and reveal the state of their souls and the need for a Savior, leading them to repent and trust in Christ, then nothing will happen.  We must now spend much time in prayer for these people that received the tracts and dvds.  A prayer that the will of God will be done in the lives of these people and that He will save His people in every tribe, tongue and nation.  Here are some pics from the day.

scott_doherty's La Pregunta mas Grande album on Photobucket

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