Monday, December 3, 2012

The Post Office, The Gospel and a God Hating Hippy

So I had to go get a package out of customs this morning before I left for Lima.  In Peru, like the rest of Latin America, you just learn that you are going to have to wait in line for a long time no matter what you are doing.  The customs office at the post office is no different. 

While I was waiting, a lady from South Africa sat next to me and she started talking to me in English.  We made small talk and then I asked her what made her move to Cuzco 15 years ago.  She told me she came to go on a spiritual journey.  This clearly blew a door wide open to talk about the gospel.  She went on to tell me a bizarre story that seemed like it was the demonic world manifesting itself to her.  She thought it was God and said it was the first time she knew she was a child of God.

I asked if she was a professing Christian before the incident and she told me that she was not before and is not now a Christian.  She went on to tell me of her goodness and how she cares for the earth and that God is with her and speaks to her all the time.  She began to preach her sermon about loving people and especially yourself because, after all, you are a great person that God is praising all day. 

I asked her how she deals with the sin issue and how she intends to find pardon for her sin.  That was simple to her, she did not sin, ever.  I could not hold in the laugh as I asked her how many lies she has told in her life.  She said only a couple.  I guess now she just told her 3rd lie.  I asked if she ever stole anything and she said never.  I asked if she ever bought a DVD in Cuzco.  Every DVD is illegal in Cuzco because they are all pirated and violate the international copy right law.  She said she did because it was her only choice in Cuzco.  So I said to her, to make things clear, that she stole DVDs because she did not have other options.  She said yes.  I went on to ask if she has always honored her parents and she said that she didn't but that she did not have to.  I told her 5th commandment but she disagreed very colorfully. 

After beginning to take her through the next commandment she started getting convicted and angry as her sin was exposed.  She started yelling at me and saying that I lived in a box and that I was judging her.  I said I was just asking her questions and she was answering me, which she condemned herself.  She then went on to tell me how all religions are right, except Christianity, and that everyone will go to Heaven, except Christians. 

She then went on to tell me how the Bible is not inspired and it was written by the Catholics.  It is amazing how ignorant people are about simple history, like when then Catholic church started.  She was convinced the Catholics wrote the Bible to control people.  She then denied that Hell exists, we have free will and that God needs us to help him because he is not Sovereign or really in control of anything. 

She now started to get really fired up and made a scene.  She called me a whole bunch of names because I said that you could only have your sins forgiven and go to heaven through Christ.  She was now more angry because she said she knows many mystics, Rabbi's, Buddhists and new age hippies that are great people and are going to heaven because they believe their own truth.

I tried to explain absolute truth to her and that there can only be one truth but she was so far gone that she started laughing loudly at the fact that there could only be one truth.  She looked at me with fury and said, "are you telling me that you think that there is only one way to Heaven".  I said that there was absolutely only one way.  She said that I was a fool to make up a statement like that.  I told her that Jesus said it not me.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Him. 

She blew up at this statement and blasphemed God.  The scene intensified now.  She erupted and yelled that she would go to heaven along with everyone she knew (except Christians of course).  I told her that unless she repent she would perish.  She would die in her sins and go to Hell.  She railed off some more blasphemy and cursed me out and then shut up. 

I have to say that arguing with a foolish new ager and getting cursed out in English because of the Gospel brought back a lot of memories from the many years of street evangelism in the States. 

Once again it is proven that no matter where you are at in the world you will find that people can't bear the gospel and when it is preached, people will become angry or converted.  Those are the only two options if you are preaching the biblical gospel. 


A Lui said...

Hi Scott! What a story. It is amazing what people say or do to excuse sin and also to justify that all religions go to heaven as "truth". False prophets come in many different forms and it seems that the teaching of unity of all worldy religions is very prominent. Even Christians are falling for it in the name of peace. I like the beard!

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