Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going to the Jungle

The Tambo river in the Peruvian jungle
I have an opportunity to go into the jungle with my friend Scott Dollar, who is a pastor in a Baptist church in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Scott has been coming to Peru several times a year to work with church plants in different regions.  This time God has providentially provided an opportunity to explore a church plant with a native pastor in the a small jungle village along the Tambo river.  You can read the story of how this came about here. 

Our mode of transportation

I will be flying to Lima on December 3rd and returning to Cuzco on December 10th.  It is not very easy to get to this village, as you can see from the agenda below.  So please pray each day of the trip for us.  Please pray for God to work among the people in these areas and that the Kingdom of Christ will be advanced.  Please pray for our safety along the way and that we will have providential opportunities to proclaim the gospel.  I attached a few pictures of the area and the Agenda.

December 2012 Trip Agenda

December 3 – Fly to Lima
December 4 – Drive to Satipo (l1 hours)
December 5 - Drive to Puerto Ocopa and then take 5 hour boat ride to Shevoriato.
December 6 - Visit in Shevoriato and discuss training and future church planting along the river
December 7 - Head back to Puerto Ocopa and Satipo
December 8 - Stay in Satipo, Pray and check out city, preach in evening
December 9 - Travel to Jauja- Attend, Preach in evening
December 10 - Fly from Jauja to Lima and then Lima to Cuzco

Thank you brothers and sisters back home that spend much time on their knees interceding for us and for those who hold the rope to enable us to labor in Peru and seek the advancement of His Kingdom.

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