Friday, July 8, 2011

We have our house in Costa Rica

Again, so much has been happening so I thought that I would throw out a quick update.  Time is traveling at warp speed as we approach the date our plane leaves.  We have sold or gave away almost everything we own now and it is outstanding.  I love having nothing, it is very freeing.  We have our house in Costa Rica which is the picture above.  We are very happy with it and it was cheaper than we budgeted so we should save some money that way.  It is only 10 minutes from our good friends and partners in the mission field, the Killillays. 

I worked my last day at Holter dam on July 5th.  We thank God for the wonderful season in our life at Holter.  It was a great job with great people to work with not to mention one of the best locations to live.  We sure enjoyed our time in this area and have made many good friends that we will miss. 

I now am working for God full time.  This is the greatest joy and privilege in my life.  I treat each day as a work day and I spend the day doing the work of the ministry.  When I am home this month, I have been working at the church a full day, studying, working on sermons, reading, talking to people in the community and already building new relationships, working on future Peruvian church documents, corresponding with our Peruvian partners, translating documents into Spanish, and learning Spanish.  This is the greatest job in my life and I would rather be the poorest man on earth and do this than be rich and do anything else.  What a glorious privilege that God has given me.  I plan on continuing this work while we are still here and developing a similar regiment in Costa Rica.  I'm loving every minute of it and am over-joyed in Christ.

We also had a good night of sharing the gospel in Helena.  Had some great conversations and ran into a kid that I witnessed to a year ago.  He remembered exactly who I was and we had a great, long talk about the seriousness of the state of his soul and sinning against a Holy God.  I absolutely love illustrating the picture of the Wrath of God being poured out on rebellious sinners.  I was once the same way.  Praise God for His mighty grace and mercy He shows to His sheep.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you guys found a house and that you are getting to do what you love most! We are so glad we met you all and you will be missed dearly!

The Butchers