Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jungle, Building, and a Funny Well Story

I will be going to the jungle tomorrow for a week to translate for a medical campaign.  I will be going with our friends, who are staying with us, Jake and Jaynie Chandler, as well as close to 100 more people.  I believe around 65 medical doctors and students are coming from the United States.  We will be going to Puerto Maldonado, which is in the Amazon east of Cusco.  I believe the main tribal people in the area are the Manú people group.  The Church the doctors are working with in Puerto Maldonado is bringing in different villages each day for medical care.  We will have the opportunity to share the gospel with tons of people!  Please pray for us this week.
At our Church in Cusco, we have been building offices again.  Because of the growing Church, we have been looking for a bigger building.  We found one a little bigger right next door from the same owners as our current building.  We got it for the same price, but we must build again.  We are so grateful to God for the growing Church and the new building.
We have not been working much at the land because we have been so busy in the ministry.  We did, however, try and dig a well.  Like everything in Peru, to do something legally takes a lot of paperwork and money.  We had to hire an engineer to do a hydro-geological study as part of the paperwork.  We must pay this guy about $1500 to do drill test holes and write a report on his findings.  This sounds very scientific, but this man's science involved walking around our property and looking for wet spots.  He insisted there was water and suggested to dig a well by hand.  I opted for hiring a backhoe.  The backhoe dug two, 15 foot holes and found nothing.  We are now back at the drawing board.  There is only one guy in Cusco with a drill rig to make a real well and he charges a fortune.  I would hire him if I knew we could find water, but he uses the same scientific method as the engineer. The driller will literally show up at our land and ask us where he should drill a hole. 

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