Sunday, March 9, 2014

Open-Air Preaching in Cusco's San Pedro Market

After our morning service, we went to San Pedro Market in Cusco to evangelize. Wehrner preached in the open-air. They are celebrating Carnival here and everyone was spraying foam, throwing water balloons, and dumping buckets of water on anyone. Everyone is fair game during this celebration. I saw nicely dressed old ladies get completely covered in white foam so you could hardly see their clothes.  We thought we may have picked a bad time for Wehrner to stand up with a microphone and preach.  Somehow, the people did not do anything to Wehrner.  I, on the other hand, got sprayed twice.  We had good conversations after Wehrner finished.  It may have seemed that no one was listening but you can never discount the authority of the Word of God as it goes out verbally through the open-air.  It is sharp and it always finds it's God ordained mark. 


Sawfer said...

Scott, please shake Wehrner's hand for me.


Scott Doherty said...

I will brother